MetSigDis: a manually curated resource for the metabolic signatures of diseases.

MetSigDis, a manually curated resource, aims to provide a comprehensive resource of metabolite alterations in various diseases. MetSigDis provides a search engine to query metabolic signatures and diseases along with relationships among them. Furthermore, to help users interactively analyze associations among diseases in metabolite level online, MetSigDis provides a network visualization tool to show associations among diseases and metabolites.

The current version of MetSigDis documents 6,849 curated relationships between 2,420 metabolites and 129 diseases across 8 species involving Homo sapiens, Rat, Mouse, Drosophila melanogaster, Triatomine, Mice, Pig, and Mus musculus. Each entry in the MetSigDis contains detailed information on a relationship between metabolite and disease, including metabolite ID, metabolite name, disease ID, disease name, species, metabolomics analytical platforms, tissue, metabolite alteration, and literature reference.


55369 Aug 26, 2019